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10 reasons why stitching is good for your health

You need never explain again about your desire or need to stitch.  Just print this out and hand it to who ever you feel needs to know.  With 10 good reasons why stitching is good for your health, they may even try it themselves

  1. Keeps your hands busy so you can cut down and maybe stop smoking
  2. There is something soothing about the regularity of stitching that reduces stress and regulates cardiac muscle function.
  3. Looking at and working with colour is uplifting and calming at the same time.
  4. It is cheaper than therapy and you have something pretty to show for it at the end, I am always more prolific when stressed.
  5. Can reduce your drinking, but a difficult pattern or constant mistakes can increase it so maybe I should have left that one out.
  6. The landmark (highly medically regarded) Nun Study indicates that those who challenge their brain constantly are less likely to develop Alzheimers disease.  It is important to continually stretch existing and develop new pathways in the brain.
  7. Recieving compliments on your lovely work provides positive ego strokes and is good for self esteem.
  8. Slows degeneration of joints in your hands and fingers.  So move it, or lose it baby!
  9. Making time for something you love reduces stress.
  10. Making something for someone you love, and giving it to them makes you feel good.
  11. It makes them feel good too! (ok I know I said ten but thought I should add in one extra in case the drinking one was vetoed by you.

I stitch because it makes me happy!  Would love to know what excuses you use or reasons you have to justify your passion.

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