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Ask a question. The response may be breathtaking …

I discovered our latest Hall of Famer in store last month.  She came in and bought 25 Stewart Merrett Australian Animal and Bird kits.  Me, being the big sticky beak that I am, wanted to know what she was going to do with them all, thinking gifts for friends abroad, Christmas gifts for relatives, she is a teacher planning a craft class, …. blah blah blah.

None of it.  She is going to stitch them all and then commandeer her sister to put them all together as a quilt.

I mused that it would be a cold day in hell before either of my sisters did anything like this for me, (the Novocastrian doesn’t sew at all but the Brisbanite is a pretty good knitter, and  is currently having to revisit all the crafty skills we learnt from Mum with an 8-year-old burgeoning Martha Stewart in the house.  She wanted to do some craft with a dead rat that was found in the ceiling! My neice, not my sister … story for another day).

Back to Vicki and her quilt, this cross stitching/quilting pair have already collaborated on this scale before, with spectacular results.  Vicki told me about the quilt they have already completed using the Stewart Merrett Australian Flora.  I asked her to send me some photos, I was so impressed I suggested she email Stewart.  Thought you all would love to see them too, and have entered her into our stitching Hall of Fame.

Thank you for sharing your work and ideas Vicki.  Love it!

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