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Shaded Wools from Cottage Garden Threads

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Gotta love new stuff.  At the end of 2012 Cottage Garden Threads released their Little Cottage Wool, a variagated 2 ply crewel wool in their 50 most popular colours in a light and dark version, giving 100 lovely skeins to work into your crewel palettes.  It was enough for us to re-arrange our acquistion of Australian thread ranges and move Cottage Garden Threads to the top of the list.

2ply hand dyed variagate wool from Cottage Garden Threads

Last week their Shaded Wool collection arrived in store, part of their 2015 new products range.  4 packs of hand dyed variagated solid colour in a shaded array, there are 25 colours to choose from and work with as a variagated solid or to add to the variageted colour range.  I am totally loving the Aubergine and the Blackcurrant.

Cottage Garden Threads, 2ply wool in a graduated solid colour, Aubergine

2ply crewel variagated solid thread in graduated colourI suppose I am very predictable as it is usually rich purples, and beautiful blues and greens that get my attentiion

You can find all the colours here.

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New fine art inspired tapestry canvases

Printed tapestry canvas for needlepoint of a Chinese Opera image

Stunning viberance of the Chinese Opera

Cannot believe the beautiful new canvases from SEG de Paris and Margot.

Sepia toned printed canvas for needlepoint of Native American warriors and chiefs

Stunning images of Native American warriors and chiefs

New, crisper, more modern images and you can own your very own masterpiece with the fine art designs.  Some of them may look a little daunting in size, but the upside is you can really capture the detail better.  Check the SEG de Paris or Margot listings on our website or under the Fine Art Masterpieces for just the right image for your home or a fabulous gift for Christmas.

Renoir's Girl in a Red Hat, is a beautiful printed canvas for needlepoint

Create your own masterpiece with a Renoir inspired needlework project.

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Lovely new book from Jane Nicholas

New publication from Jane Nicholas, Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork

Another visual feast with beautiful projects

Jane Nicholas OAM, has released her latest book and it is lovely.  Shakespeare’s Flowers in Stumpwork takes Jane’s followers further along the path they explored with her in Stumpwork Medieval Flora (2009).

There are projects exploring surface embroidery, stumpwork featuring many of the flowers found in the gardens, fields and hedgerows at the time of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I.  The instructions are beautifully illustrated, so those newish to embroidery can figure out what to do next although prior experience with embroidery will definately be a help.

We are really loving 2 important features of the designs and instructions, firstly that they can easily be applied as a small individual design for a small enhancement or used as part of a larger piece with the instructions provided to do so.  The second aspect is the selection of threads has the more more lavish silk thread option if you are feeling flush but includes a more budget friendly DMC stranded thread althernative.

I am particularly fond of the border of flowers for the mirror, but lacking time with have to shelve this for a little while.  What a lovely, lovely book to add to your selection.

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Stitchers Palettes have arrived

Cottage Garden Threads 4 packs of hand dyed thread

Decisions, decisions ... 6 of the 27 available Stitchers Palettes

Introducing, from Cottage Garden Threads latest product release, the Stitchers Palettes.  These ladies are so responsive to market forces.  The demand for hand dyed tonal solids to accent their stunning multi-colour threads have resulted in a range of 27 colourways for you to choose from.

The 4 “pack” on a ring, has one of their stunning hand-dyed multicoloured threads and 3 tonal solids.  We stock all of them but due to my crazy workload at the moment, they will only be available in store or over the phone until our new website goes live.  I am also a grateful recipient of Katie Dawsons photography and photoshop skills, for their gorgeous product, thus reducing my workload just a smidge.

The new Solids with a Twist are all shown here, a 6 “pack”also on a ring, they are a hand dyed solid colour with a slight twist that only a hand dyed thread can showcase so well in a graduation of colour.  All 13 colour ways are shown here.  Hmmm, think I might use a thread painting design to really give them a test drive.

6 pack of hand dyed graduated colour

13 colourways in the Solids with a Twist

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The National Gallery and DMC present …

Wow, these impressed us a lot, and at $55.00 for a complete kit, they are definately a great buy for the cross stitcher with some experience.

counted cross stitch kit of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

There are 6 in the series, including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers above, DMC with the National Gallery (UK) have produced these famous images and have made them accessible to all of us.  Other Van Gogh paintings in the series include the Chair and A Wheatfield, with Cypressess and there is Seurat’s Bathers at Asnières, Renoir’s The Skiff with Monet’s Beach at Trouville (below) rounding out the collection.

Counted Cross stitch kit for Renoir's The Skiff

They are originally designed for the more experienced stitcher, however a customer fell in love with them as I was unpacking them.  She wasn’t particularly confident but felt they were accessible and achieveable.  Always nice to get positive feedback from our customers. Hope you all love them too.

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