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Bottle brush: Elaine’s Botanicals

I was a little nervous about this this weeks Bottle brush posting for Elaine’s Botanicals, I can already hear the howls of outrage as I write this.

The power of a name, this looks just like the brush I used for the Munchkin's bottles.

By and large I am not a fan of Australian Flora.
There, I have said it!
Craig says I am un-Australian and it is unnatural.  This is not true, I am a proud Australian and I love my country and so many things in it, I just think so much of our flora looks “spiky, hot and cross”.  I am reliably informed that this is a symptom of neglect and where they are maintained in a garden or subject to their natural predators they are neat and far less rangy.  It doesn’t increase my love or understanding.
How perverse.  A preference for delicate exotics that are probably doomed once in my “care”.  Luckily I am a much more successful stitcher than gardener and the beautiful floral emblems from Elaine’s Botanicals will never be hampered by my neglect.  They will always look as fresh, lively and neat as nature intended.

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