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Bummer, … its gone!

Hope you got your copy of Wild Tea Cosies by Loani Prior.  It is now officially out of print!  For those of you who missed out, you will have to wait until people start flogging it on EBay second hand when Nanna “pops her clogs”.

Fear not, Loani has a new publication heading to the printers right now.  And just in case you missed it, How Tea Cosies Changed the World has been available for the past 12 months.

How Tea Cosies changed the World

We have it here in stock.  I have always loved Loani’s sense of humour and ability to be sooooo on trend.  Loving Beatrice and Eugenie and Betty the Burlesque Dancer (pictured below).

Tea cosy by Loani Prior

She has even lashed out and created a hand bag, scarf and beret here.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your copy of any more of her fabulous books.

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