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Camellia: Elaine’s Botanicals

Just like the one at our place ... no, really.

I love camellia’s.  They are everywhere in the Southern Highlands, I really love the red ones as a hedge which seems to be very popular here.  It also brings to mind my favourite time of the year in England when all the public gardens and parks in London are full of flowering camellias.  Glorious.

I have a pink one of these.  It is gloriously HUGE.  It is in the unfenced area of no mans land between the next door neighbour and us.  It was only up to my shoulders when I moved in just before Christmas in 2001.  These days it is at least 4 times my height … maybe it’s a triffid.

Anyway, our tree is actually the same soft pink of Elaine’s Botanicals pretty Camellia.  Completed in soft varigated tones in pistol, chain, blanket and running stitch, this was the irresistible lure that Elaine’s friend Sally presented Kerry and I with.  This, and 2 pages of thumbnails of the others in the range.  We knew we had to have MORE!

Told you it was huge, left in next door's house so you could see my successful gardening!

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