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Roma’s Stocking is now in store

Shepherd’s Bush stockings have a huge following with Australian stitchers, their latest stocking is a dedicated to their British Aunt Roma who, with her husband Uncle Bertie, opened her home to a very homesick Tina over Christmas while she was at boarding school, a long way from home.

If you really wanted to have some fun, why not have it as a matching pair with Bertie’s Stocking.

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The National Gallery and DMC present …

Wow, these impressed us a lot, and at $55.00 for a complete kit, they are definately a great buy for the cross stitcher with some experience.

counted cross stitch kit of Van Gogh's Sunflowers

There are 6 in the series, including Van Gogh’s Sunflowers above, DMC with the National Gallery (UK) have produced these famous images and have made them accessible to all of us.  Other Van Gogh paintings in the series include the Chair and A Wheatfield, with Cypressess and there is Seurat’s Bathers at Asnières, Renoir’s The Skiff with Monet’s Beach at Trouville (below) rounding out the collection.

Counted Cross stitch kit for Renoir's The Skiff

They are originally designed for the more experienced stitcher, however a customer fell in love with them as I was unpacking them.  She wasn’t particularly confident but felt they were accessible and achieveable.  Always nice to get positive feedback from our customers. Hope you all love them too.

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What is all the fuss about 14ct Aida

Yup, I know, can’t get much more pedestrian than White and Antique White 14 count Aida, but since they arrived in store on Thursday after we have been out since Christmas,  it is a big fat thrill.  When you toss in the fact that this Pink has been on back order since August you can probably imagine how happy I am to finally have the stuff.

Going to have to change our order triggers to keep up with what can best be described and very ordinary supply.  The bill hurt a bit too as there were other fabrics and colours we have been waiting on since September that finally arrived in  the same shipment.   Ouch!

So much for 13 week turnaround on indent orders!



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Stitching on Black

Don’t ever let it be said we do not listen to you, in the past 8 weeks we have had number of enquiries for black Aida in 16 and 18 count.  Prior to that we would have been lucky to have 1 enquiry a year….

We have always offered 14 count Aida, cut to your preferred size, and as of this week we are now offering the same with 16 count Aida and 18 count Aida. They are available in store and online now.

I wasn’t going to put in a graphic because it would just be, … as you can see below,  … well, … Black.

14ct Aida Black 160cm wide

14 count Aida, ... see, ... Black

16ct Aida Black 3251.110.720

16 count Aida .... Fabulous!

18ct Aida Black 3793.110.720

18 count Aida .... ooooooh I am such an artist!


Hmmm perhaps I could pass myself off as a surrealist ….. Snort!  Apologies to all of you who have been looking while we didn’t have what you were after.  If you are still looking, we can definitely help you out now.

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Australian threads take off

Nothing that we have introduced since buying Victoria House Needlecraft has been as popular as the Australian hand dyed thread brands, Mogear, Cottage Garden Threads and our increasing range of Gumnut Yarns.  We have been slowly introducing them since January 2012.  They have grabbed customers attention in store and are being snapped up online too as word of mouth spreads.  So thank you all of you innovators for getting out there and telling your friends.

I think their popularity has been due to a combination of many things but the main reason is they are really great products that are a pleasure to stitch with and deep down I think we are all just a little bit proud that our fellow Aussies have created some really beautiful products that compete with the best stitching products available in the world.  Just for your information we have also sent these threads to overseas customers who clearly know a damn good thing when they see it.

Hand dyed Perle Silk thread range with 190 colours

Our latest addition to our range of Australian hand dyed threads.

While these beautiful hand dyed Australian stitching threads are a great addition for enhancing any of your projects, we are finding most people are using them more for embroidery and crewel work rather than cross stitch or tapestry and needlepoint.  The only limit you have is your imagination.  It is so great for us to have them in store and I find it really gratifying to hear the oooh and aaaah reaction from customers who see them for the very first time.


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