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Finally, a price reduction on DMC Stranded Cotton

They first tantalised me with it back in September 2009 when the Australian dollar started to improve against the Euro.

Rainbow colours of DMC Stranded Cotton



Finally it has happened.  The wholesale price of DMC Stranded Cotton through the Australian Distributor has been reduced.  Upon enquiry, following a price rise early in January 2009, we were informed the Australian RRP of DMC Stranded Cotton was $1.65.  We didn’t know anyone who charged that.  Ours was priced at $1.50.  Since 2008 there have been many much cheaper DMC Stranded Cotton offers available through online and retail sources, both in Australia and overseas.

However not all of  these offers are genuine DMC Stranded Cotton or Mouliné Spécial.  Victoria House Needlecraft have only ever sourced our DMC products through DMC’s Australian Distributor, so you can be assured you have the genuine DMC product and quality you expect from it.  We have also taken a further precaution to maintain product integrity for our customers by selecting certain colours from our stock on an annual basis since 2009 to compare product appearance, and performance over time.

Yes we know that there are places in the States that sell them for less than $0.40 per skein.  The wholesale price we pay is still way more than that.  However, we are passing on the reduced pricing to our customers and from January 1st 2013 DMC Stranded Cotton will be priced at $1.30 per skein.  Available online and in store, we stock the entire range of 467 colours, so you can always get the colour you need for your project.


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It’s a mongrel of a job and it is not finished yet.

Loading fabric is a major job

I need a lie down and a drink, preferably some nice chilled Australian bubbles … with a strawberry in it!  Currently I am into Tigress Pinot Noir Chardonnay Cuvee Brut from Bay of Fires in Tasmania (just thought I’d share)

Just finished loading every 14 and 28 count fabric, canvas, banding in the shop. 101 products later, ….no I am not exaggerating. The killer is calculating weights and sizes for every cut amount from 10cm to one metre in 5cm increments and not forgetting to do the half widths that we offer in the aida, even weave and linen.  So, we have the cross stitchers covered and some of the needlepointers.

Now I have to do the 9 count, 10 count, 11 count … you get the picture.

Anyway, it is here and waiting for you, only 34 months after I started the website, but who is counting. Just click on the fabric you want and select the amount from the drop down menu. It looks so simple from the front end of the site.

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New MAKE IT Cross Stitch kits

Timber cross stitch kits for kids

Looking for a fun starter project for cross stitch?  These new MAKE IT kits may be just what you are after.  Die cut timber shapes, sticky back felt, DMC thread, needle, full colour instructions an alphabet chart, 6 charts plus blank ones for your own designs.  Great rainy day holiday projects.  Easy.

1 Choose your design

2 Stitch your frame

3 Finish with felt …

It’s that easy.

There are 6 different kits, Circle, Oval, Owl, Hearts, Flower and Babushka, above.  Why not make them into a brooch, necklace, wall art, key ring, bag charm, scrapbook embellishment or hanging mobile today?  Everything you need all in the one kit for $14.50.

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May Gibbs Cross Stitch kits

all the little nuts and blossoms went surfing
all the little nuts and blossoms went surfing

I have finally finished loading all of these beautiful kits online.  The May Gibbs collection are our most popular online brand.  At the Seaside is probably my favourite.

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What did you stitch in your Christmas break?

Here is a picture of what I thought I would enjoy doing at Christmas.  I carted the threads fabric and pattern to my parents home in Tasmania, … and back without having opened it, other than to look at how yummy it is.

Fabulous contemporary Blackwork Sampler

Thanks Courtney Glau, Black Work Show really is a stand out Blackwork sampler.  I want it up on the walls in the shop, and despite the fact that I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  I WANT IT!

This is what I actually did in my Christmas break, … when the munchkin was asleep.

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that these are miniatures from the picture posted in our Christmas message on Facebook.  These lovely designs Red Letter Ornaments from Blue Ribbon Designs can be made in the larger design which we had stitched for the shop.  My fabulous stitcher, Margaret also stitched 5 of the 8 miniatures, but ran out of fabric.  For those of you who missed it, here is the picture.


I did the other three.  Then I fell in love with them and had to have a set for my own tree!  The munchkin is also very keen on the Kreinik corder I purchased to completed the twisted cord around the outside.  In the home stretch now and maybe I will be able to finish a few other stitching projects.  (We stitched ours in the DMC on 32 count.  My lovely Margaret may well have said rude things to me if I sent her 40 count linen to stitch on, I know I would have done if someone sent me 40 count linen.)

Also thanks to Mel from South Arm in Tasmania for reminding me to upload the palette for the Danish Flower Threads with their new colours.  Hope these are all legible, if not download the chart, remember colours may differ on your screens and printers from what I actually scanned in.  Here is their new palette.


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