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Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton

We are thrilled to now stock the beautiful Australian Superfine Merino by Cleckheaton.  Kerry knitted with it last year and was very impressed with its feel and quality.

Unparalleled luxury and comfort with the best of Australia's wool clip.

The luxurious yarn breathes with your body, it warms you up when the temperature drops and helps to cool when you feel hot.  The stunning pattern support provides contemporary designs for men, women and children.

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Lovely new Jo Sharp Classic dk Wool colours

Massive yarn shipment arrived from Italy today.  All our Jo Sharp yarn comes direct from the mills there.  Here is the 2015 palette for the Classic dk Wool, Kerry says it is the best yarn in the shop, it also happens to be the most modestly priced.  Woohoo!

We also have some of the older discontinued colours available.  They are all available here and instore right now.

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Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply update

It has been a while since we have seen new colours or patterns for our lovely Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply.  Colours don’t turn over as quickly with the 4ply as with the dk.  This is the current palette we now have available, although due to manufacturer discontinuation there are only 10 left of Little Pinkie (the brighter pink) and 3 of the Gooseberry.  It is a bit of a shame as Gooseberry was one of the most popular colours we had.  Perfect for when you don’t know what you are getting.

It is not all bad, we are loving the return of the soft brown colour to the palette.  Sublime used to offer something similar called Pebble, (still available in the dk).  It is a lovely neutral and this one is called Huggles (colour number 412).  It looks lovely in a one tone piece and works in with the other colours in the palette beautifully.

What is also very exciting, is the introduction of The fourth irresistibly Sublime baby 4ply hand knit book.  A lovely modern take on the layette.  Such an old fashioned word.  This beautiful little pattern book wardrobe basics for premies, newborns to 12 months.  Yes, that is right, premature babies.  Very few patterns are available for this tiny little group of people.   Quick and easy designs with modern shapes all especially designed for this lovely yarn that can only be described as Sublime.


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Product Review – CustomFit by Amy Herzog Designs

Okay so lets just get one thing out of the way from the start, we do not receive any gain, monetary or otherwise from endorsing this product.  We are just glad it is out there.

If you are skinny with boobs the size of your head, Amy can help.  Apple, pear and every shape in between, Amy’s Custom Fit program can work for you.  Take a look at the gallery here.  These are real knitters who have made their Amy Herzog Designs.  Don’t they look fantastic?!

Note how everyone of them has a garment that FITS.  No bulk, no stretching, … just beautiful, made-to-measure fit, as if by a dressmaker.

You can have that too.  This service was recommended by a customer of ours and we have recommended it to others because we live in the real world and know that body shapes come in all shapes and sizes.  I had planned to bring out a product like this from Victoria House Needlecraft but with a 7 day a week business and a 5 year old, it hasn’t happened.

It was a serious gap in the market, I am just glad someone has met the need and am thrilled to promote it.  Amy has just released 3 new designs, why not choose one for your next project.  They are original twists on classic looks with some lovely subtle detail that is not too overwhelming.  And as for yarn, well I am sure we have something that will be just perfect for any of these projects.

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Jo Sharp printed pattern leaflets

Ok, … so I lied, we have been informed in no uncertain terms that you all expect to see Jo’s printed pattern leaflets on our site, NOW.  Rather than when I actually finish the new shopping cart.  I realised when I pulled out the stock take sheets for 2012 just how long I have delayed listing these leaflets.  I think I was originally uninspired as the downloadable patterns we offered free when customers purchased the yarn for the project (with Jo’s approval, of course) only ever had one taker in 18 months.

In store the printed leaflets have been popular and with the release of her new yarns, Mulberry Silk Georgette and New Era Merino dk Superwash, there are a range of new pattern leaflets available.  Jo is also getting busy releasing new leaflet versions of her classic patterns in the last couple of months as many of her lovely books are no longer available.  We have all of our current stocks available for purchase online.

So here are all of the available printed leaflets on our website and they are also available in store at Jo’s recommended retail price of $6.50.  To help reduce postage costs we have also provided sizing and yarn requirements where possible and practical.   I have shared in an earlier post what my fabulous Great Aunt Marji is making for me, so you have already seen my favourite, I also quite like this one.


I'm thinking of the yummy rich purple called Fig


Perhaps Marji might make that for me next ….

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