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New fine art inspired tapestry canvases

Printed tapestry canvas for needlepoint of a Chinese Opera image

Stunning viberance of the Chinese Opera

Cannot believe the beautiful new canvases from SEG de Paris and Margot.

Sepia toned printed canvas for needlepoint of Native American warriors and chiefs

Stunning images of Native American warriors and chiefs

New, crisper, more modern images and you can own your very own masterpiece with the fine art designs.  Some of them may look a little daunting in size, but the upside is you can really capture the detail better.  Check the SEG de Paris or Margot listings on our website or under the Fine Art Masterpieces for just the right image for your home or a fabulous gift for Christmas.

Renoir's Girl in a Red Hat, is a beautiful printed canvas for needlepoint

Create your own masterpiece with a Renoir inspired needlework project.

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Spring Frost by Elioth Gruner

Always love getting new things for our stock range.  So excited we now have Spring Frost by Elioth Gruner (1919) available as a printed tapestry canvas.  I am fairly certain this is the first time it has been offered as a printed canvas.  It is currently also available as a counted cross stitch chart from Fiona Jude’s Country Threads range.

The original masterpiece is one of Australia’s best loved landscape paintings and was painted according to 19th Century plein-air conventions.  To complete the painting  en plein-air Gruner had to build himself a weatherproof structure to protect the canvas and wrap his legs in chaff bags to prevent frost bite on those early mornings at Emu Plains.  It is most likely given its size and complexity that the final touches were added in his studio in the City.

This could be a lovely Summer project and DMC Soft Cottons really reflect our light beautifully.  It is available online or in store now.


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Australian threads take off

Nothing that we have introduced since buying Victoria House Needlecraft has been as popular as the Australian hand dyed thread brands, Mogear, Cottage Garden Threads and our increasing range of Gumnut Yarns.  We have been slowly introducing them since January 2012.  They have grabbed customers attention in store and are being snapped up online too as word of mouth spreads.  So thank you all of you innovators for getting out there and telling your friends.

I think their popularity has been due to a combination of many things but the main reason is they are really great products that are a pleasure to stitch with and deep down I think we are all just a little bit proud that our fellow Aussies have created some really beautiful products that compete with the best stitching products available in the world.  Just for your information we have also sent these threads to overseas customers who clearly know a damn good thing when they see it.

Hand dyed Perle Silk thread range with 190 colours

Our latest addition to our range of Australian hand dyed threads.

While these beautiful hand dyed Australian stitching threads are a great addition for enhancing any of your projects, we are finding most people are using them more for embroidery and crewel work rather than cross stitch or tapestry and needlepoint.  The only limit you have is your imagination.  It is so great for us to have them in store and I find it really gratifying to hear the oooh and aaaah reaction from customers who see them for the very first time.


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It’s a mongrel of a job and it is not finished yet.

Loading fabric is a major job

I need a lie down and a drink, preferably some nice chilled Australian bubbles … with a strawberry in it!  Currently I am into Tigress Pinot Noir Chardonnay Cuvee Brut from Bay of Fires in Tasmania (just thought I’d share)

Just finished loading every 14 and 28 count fabric, canvas, banding in the shop. 101 products later, ….no I am not exaggerating. The killer is calculating weights and sizes for every cut amount from 10cm to one metre in 5cm increments and not forgetting to do the half widths that we offer in the aida, even weave and linen.  So, we have the cross stitchers covered and some of the needlepointers.

Now I have to do the 9 count, 10 count, 11 count … you get the picture.

Anyway, it is here and waiting for you, only 34 months after I started the website, but who is counting. Just click on the fabric you want and select the amount from the drop down menu. It looks so simple from the front end of the site.

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Australian Masters Artwork on tapestry canvas

Thank you Fiona Jude!

Fiona Jude Country Threads Tapestry of Shearing the Rams


There are a new series of Country Threads Tapestries from the Fiona Jude Design Studio.  Shearing the Rams by Tom Roberts always was a popular design, we have it in cross stitch but we haven’t been able to get it on canvas for years.   Another of Tom Roberts masterpieces, Bailed Up is now available again from Fiona as is Frederick McCubbin’s Down on His Luck.  All of these iconic images have been reproduced in fabulous cross stitch by Country Threads.  Now Fiona Jude has turned her considerable design talent to bringing these to the dedicated needlepoint stitcher.  They arrived in store this week and have a soft palette.

Fiona Jude Country Threads Tapestry of Buddha and Chinese Motifs

There is also a striking image of the Buddha, who has a recurring appearance amongst Country Threads recent designs.  The Chinese symbols to the right of the design are for Happiness, Longevity, Luck and Prosperity.   I don’t know anyone who would say no to a little more of any of those.

All designs are $88.00 and are available online or in store with optional thread packs.


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