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Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply update

It has been a while since we have seen new colours or patterns for our lovely Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4ply.  Colours don’t turn over as quickly with the 4ply as with the dk.  This is the current palette we now have available, although due to manufacturer discontinuation there are only 10 left of Little Pinkie (the brighter pink) and 3 of the Gooseberry.  It is a bit of a shame as Gooseberry was one of the most popular colours we had.  Perfect for when you don’t know what you are getting.

It is not all bad, we are loving the return of the soft brown colour to the palette.  Sublime used to offer something similar called Pebble, (still available in the dk).  It is a lovely neutral and this one is called Huggles (colour number 412).  It looks lovely in a one tone piece and works in with the other colours in the palette beautifully.

What is also very exciting, is the introduction of The fourth irresistibly Sublime baby 4ply hand knit book.  A lovely modern take on the layette.  Such an old fashioned word.  This beautiful little pattern book wardrobe basics for premies, newborns to 12 months.  Yes, that is right, premature babies.  Very few patterns are available for this tiny little group of people.   Quick and easy designs with modern shapes all especially designed for this lovely yarn that can only be described as Sublime.


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All Anchor Threads reduced by 30% till sold out.

We have expanded our threads ranges recently … and I have a massive space crisis.  We have not been replacing our Anchor Stranded Cotton and Anchor Tapisserie Wool for a while now, so no longer have the full range, all remaining stock will be reduced until completely sold out.

We have published the colour cards online so you can see what you are getting.  Anchor Stranded Cotton is reduced from $1.30 to 91 cents per skein.

All Anchor Stranded Cotton currently in store reduced to 91 cents until gone

Anchor Tapisserie Wool is reduced from $1.50 to $1.05 per skein.

All Anchor Tapisserie wool reduced to $1.05 until sold out.

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Finally, a price reduction on DMC Stranded Cotton

They first tantalised me with it back in September 2009 when the Australian dollar started to improve against the Euro.

Rainbow colours of DMC Stranded Cotton



Finally it has happened.  The wholesale price of DMC Stranded Cotton through the Australian Distributor has been reduced.  Upon enquiry, following a price rise early in January 2009, we were informed the Australian RRP of DMC Stranded Cotton was $1.65.  We didn’t know anyone who charged that.  Ours was priced at $1.50.  Since 2008 there have been many much cheaper DMC Stranded Cotton offers available through online and retail sources, both in Australia and overseas.

However not all of  these offers are genuine DMC Stranded Cotton or Mouliné Spécial.  Victoria House Needlecraft have only ever sourced our DMC products through DMC’s Australian Distributor, so you can be assured you have the genuine DMC product and quality you expect from it.  We have also taken a further precaution to maintain product integrity for our customers by selecting certain colours from our stock on an annual basis since 2009 to compare product appearance, and performance over time.

Yes we know that there are places in the States that sell them for less than $0.40 per skein.  The wholesale price we pay is still way more than that.  However, we are passing on the reduced pricing to our customers and from January 1st 2013 DMC Stranded Cotton will be priced at $1.30 per skein.  Available online and in store, we stock the entire range of 467 colours, so you can always get the colour you need for your project.


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Annual May Sale

For the store wide 10% to be applied immediately please add the code “MAY12″ in the discount coupon box at check out.  If any further discounts are applicable, they will be refunded post payment.

May Sale Prices

10% off marked prices on





Knitting yarn




20% off marked prices on




30% off marked prices on Charts from

Butternut Road

Lavender and Lace


Nora Corbett

Told in a Garden

Yellow ticket items already reduced from 40-70%

Our Annual May Sale is on again from Tuesday 1st May to Thursday 31st May.  Can’t get to the Southern Highlands?

No problem. Our store wide discounts are available online or you can phone us.  For the store wide 10% to be applied immediately please add the code “MAY12″ in the discount coupon box at check out.  If any further discounts are applicable, they will be refunded post payment.



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Bohin Scissors are BACK!

Bohin Stork Scissors boxed set.

It has taken me nearly 6 months, a lot of emails, a couple of tantrums and a few choice words I am reliably informed that nice ladies who do needlework really shouldn’t say.  Won’t repeat what I said to that person!

We finally have these great scissors back in stock again thanks to a very helpful sales and marketing manager from Bohin.  I am still loading our needles but have all the scissors online and in store right now.  YAY! How nice is the boxed set above?

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