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CGT Collectors Club sampler designs

One off design to show the colour variation of Cottage Garden Threads colour 610

Did I mention, I hate pistol stitch?

I have been putting this off, I really don’t like this stitch at all, it always looks messy and scrappy, or perhaps that is just me.  I was never happy with the finished article as a child, not sure whether it is the fact that it is so imprecise, or maybe I was just always in a hurry.  My father’s nickname for me as a child was “Hasty Little Bear” … yes after the Little Golden Book.

The other thing I always have to worry about is the loops or the straight bits of thread between the exit and insertion points of the stitch.  I was always such a mucky pup that I would inevitably snag it on something.  Was a little nervous when pulling threads out with the batiste.  And a couple of times it pulled but it has all worked out ok.  My heart sank when I saw the stitching instructions read pistol stitch for this design.  Am more aware than ever why I probably am more prolific with tapestry, counted cross stitch and knitting.  They are more mathematical and I know where every stitch is going to go.  It is the “chaos factor” of embroidery that worries me.  I do it, but I don’t always feel it is done correctly.

Unique design for Cottage Garden Threads Collectors Club Sampler 210

This was much easier, although there is still a little "chaos" associated with the length of lazy daisy stitch

Thank god for back stitch and lazy daisy, this was a relative doddle.



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