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Daffodil: Elaine’s Botanicals

Embroidered Daffodil leaves, flower and budWhen I was younger, I was never really a fan of the Daffodil.  Daffs and Jonquils give me migraines so I never have them in the house or around it.  But when I see them, they always make me smile.

One of the last memories of my Grandfather before Alzheimers claimed his own memory is him telling me stories about the early days of his courtship of my Nanna.  He would pick her daffodils that were growing wild when they would go out walking … it was during and after World War II.  Years later, while he was recovering from a stroke in his forties, he would again go out walking and bring her home daffodils that he had picked that were growing wild.  I asked her once, what she saw in him, why she married him and she gave me a whole lot of sensible reasons but the one I remember is the last one.  She said it with a twinkle in her eye, and a very big smile on her face “… and he looked really good in his uniform.”

So I have a very big soft spot for the humble daffodil.  Elaine’s Botanicals Daffodil may not start a romance but they are a wonderful starting point for a novice embroidery stitcher, simple double running stitch, stem stitch and blanket stitch in bold bright colours.

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