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DIY or outsource?

Have finally admitted defeat on Noah’s Sub, the 1/8th I had completed along with my thread box and a spare skein of each thread, (there are over 120 FYI!) went in the post to Margaret this week.  Had a little pang sending off the thread box, I know it will be taken good care of, but it is part of my thread collection, a lifetime collection, begun 36 years ago when I was given my first project and my very own threads at the age of 5.

Am mildly mortified at what Margaret will think of my finished work.  I have posted the back of her work in ”Everyone’s a critic …” earlier this month.  I need this done, my nephew isn’t getting any younger, although it may adorn the shop wall for a little time, (don’t tell my sister).  This is the first time I have engaged someone else to stitch for me personallysince I was 15.  It doesn’t sit well, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t like as our attention and time is engaged elsewhere.  In fact it felt so good to know it would now be completed, I have decided to hand over construction of a dress to someone as I know my attention is focussed elsewhere at present.

One thing I never feel guilty about is outsourcing the framing of my finished work.  I know I could do an ok job, but after I have invested that much time, I want the best framing I can, ok is just not good enough.  Some people prefer the satisfaction of being able to say they completed everything in a stitched work, including the framing.  Not me.  I am currently negotiating with someone to teach a class in stretching and framing completed stitching.  So watch this space and I will keep you updated.

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