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Finally, a price reduction on DMC Stranded Cotton

They first tantalised me with it back in September 2009 when the Australian dollar started to improve against the Euro.

Rainbow colours of DMC Stranded Cotton



Finally it has happened.  The wholesale price of DMC Stranded Cotton through the Australian Distributor has been reduced.  Upon enquiry, following a price rise early in January 2009, we were informed the Australian RRP of DMC Stranded Cotton was $1.65.  We didn’t know anyone who charged that.  Ours was priced at $1.50.  Since 2008 there have been many much cheaper DMC Stranded Cotton offers available through online and retail sources, both in Australia and overseas.

However not all of  these offers are genuine DMC Stranded Cotton or Mouliné Spécial.  Victoria House Needlecraft have only ever sourced our DMC products through DMC’s Australian Distributor, so you can be assured you have the genuine DMC product and quality you expect from it.  We have also taken a further precaution to maintain product integrity for our customers by selecting certain colours from our stock on an annual basis since 2009 to compare product appearance, and performance over time.

Yes we know that there are places in the States that sell them for less than $0.40 per skein.  The wholesale price we pay is still way more than that.  However, we are passing on the reduced pricing to our customers and from January 1st 2013 DMC Stranded Cotton will be priced at $1.30 per skein.  Available online and in store, we stock the entire range of 467 colours, so you can always get the colour you need for your project.


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