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Forget me not: Elaine’s Botanicals

Forget me nots are among my fonder memories of my Grandma, Hazel.  My not so fond memories include her flipping over a little handkerchief that I had embroidered at the age of 5 and informing me “The mark of a true artisan is to have a back as neat as the front” … its ok, I am not in therapy anymore …

Embroidered motif of the forget me not

Not a fairy in sight

I digress, her greatest gifts to her grandchildren were her cordon bleu cooking skills, mmmm yummy food at Grandma’s … and her fairy gardens.  She always had one.  She lived in three houses in my lifetime, and her best fairy garden was at Boat Harbour at the bottom of her garden at the end of a little winding path.  There, forget me nots, foxgloves and bluebells grew with abandon.  They are the flowers I remember clearly, I am sure there were more.  Elaine’s Botanicals Forget me not is simple and yet it features a variety of embroidery stitches; double running stitch, french knots, lazy daisy stitch, satin stitch and stem stitch.

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