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Fuchsia: Elaine’s Botanicals

Red and purple stem stitch embroidered fuchsiaAhem! Confession time, I have been dodging this post and the next post on the Gardenia will not be much prettier!! I have killed these, lots of them. I think these are amongst the few plants I really don’t like. Harsh, unkind, uncalled for and unfair, … yes I know, I am a horrible person, what on earth has the poor Fuchsia done do me?
There were 5 in the garden bed at the front of the house when I moved in back in December 2001. I had pulled them out within a month. No other reason than I didn’t want them there, or anywhere in my garden. Cannot say what has triggered this immense dislike, no horrible memories, just the absolute certainty that I do not want them.

Elaine Lye’s embroidery rendering of the Fuchsia is in double running stitch and satin stitch and makes me feel mildly guilty, but not enough to plant them.  Maybe I might have a crack at stitching one … or not!

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