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Fun, funky, fast and fab

21 ways to glam up your daily cup of tea

Loani Prior’s new Really Wild Tea Cosies arrived in store on Friday, and there is truly something for everyone here.  We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it after the success of Wild Tea Cosies, which just walks off the shelf and has become one of our standard lines.  Kerry and I were thrilled to meet Loani when she and her friend dropped into Victoria House Needlecraft in November 2009.  She was on a flying visit to judge the exhibits for Exeter CWA’s Crazy Cozy Day fundraiser for patients with breast cancer.  She is just as warm and vibrant  in person as her books, and her recommendation of the 2 needle knitting in the round technique was a revelation.  Very typically, she credits her sources and provides clear, concise instructions peppered with warm humour.

These woolly objet d’art are breathtaking in their imagination, vibrant use of colour and varied construction techniques.  One of the best things about this book is that there is a project for every level of skill and availability of time.  My personal favourites are Bells and Mexicans, a funky vibrant mushroom-like hat and the Mongolian Sock Warriors are a fab set to keep the Tea, Coffee and Water pots low maintinence at a girlie afternoon tea party.  Can’t bear to part with a vibrant jumper that is long past its best, join the recessionista’s and re-invent your beloved woolly as a tea cosy with accent trim and blanket stitch such as Sleeveless in Seattle.  There are crocheted cosies, colourful cosies and cosies that quite literally have bells on them.  Loani also provides the instructions for the bells! 

The beauty of the tea cosy is that is a perfect practice piece for a new technique you may be daunted by in a garment.  I always encourage people to create something they will use or display with pride in their home, I love the idea that a “practice piece” is useful.  Loani’s book helps you create a practice piece that is fun and beautiful.  21 even wilder tea cosies elevate your daily cup of tea with colour and fun, available in store and online now for $29.95.

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