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Gardenia: Elaine’s Botanicals

Last week I gave you a preview of things to come.  Well, they say confession is good for the soul.  Maybe it is, but if this is my last post, you will know I went down in a blaze of glory, … um, …, well,  maybe under a pile of soil?  I had a lovely one of these when I was a young, groovy, twenty something girl-about-town living in the inner Sydney suburb of Petersham.  Actually I had many of them over a period of time.  As the Princess of Darkness to all things containing Chlorophyll, my hands of death wreaked havoc on these poor defenceless plants.  I had to replace them regularly, ie once a year when my mother came to visit.  She bought me the original one.

Dad was onto me immediately when she mused after 4 years that it appeared to grow very slowly, but it was surprising that it was still alive.  He suggested that I buy a slightly bigger one every year.  Doh!  He also confessed how they had to replace the Governors tree at the Agricultural college he attended.  Name of College and reasons for tree death will remain classified to protect the innocent.

So there you have it Mum.   I killed them, … at the rate of one per year and bought a lovely new one every year just before you arrived.  They had a glorious aroma.  Sadly Gardenia mark 4 did not survive the move to Mittagong.  I think the frost got it, well I am blaming the frost anyway.  These days I leave anything involving the garden to Craig.  At least it will live!  Elaine’s BotanicalsGardenias a little challenging to see online, you have to hit the close up button to see the detail.  It is a simple design embroidered in double running stitch, with a slight nod to miniature stumpwork in the form of a sweet little ladybird perched on a leaf.

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