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I’d like to teach the world to sew

Blogging is challenging at times.  Struggling to find information that is interesting to readers and doesn’t just come across as one big advertisement for the site and our products.  I have subscribed to Plinky prompts, for those days when it is just a bit of a struggle.

“What would you do if money (and time) were no object?”

I would like to teach more people to sew, more specifically, run occupational therapy classes in retirement homes.  It has been proven over and over again that mental health and well-being is improved with patients who have more to look forward to.  Learning new skills opens and helps reconnect neural pathways and “Move it or lose it” is often said to patients who have limited mobility due to arthritis.

Teaching the younger generation to sew would provide an avenue to a sense of accomplishment.  This is not just about more needlecraft sales, it is about teaching a basic life skill.  This is especially important as we start to focus on where our clothing is made and the lifestyle of those who made it.  What is heartening to see, is the success of television shows such as Project Runway, giving talented individuals a national broadcast platform as well as the opportunity of a lifetime to establish their brand if they win.

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