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Introducing Elaine’s Botanicals

Love, love, love, love, love … we had our first glimpse of the beautiful Elaine’s Botanicals range two weeks ago.  It is divine.  The old printed linen doilies we all learnt our first crewel embroidery stitches on have all but disappeared.  This new range has the ability to engage the young novice in their first project, (still have to try them out on my nieces, but have a few in mind I am sure they will love), and provide something fun and lovely for the more experienced stitcher.  These flowers are inspired by Elaine Lye’s memories of her mother’s garden, and all 41 designs are featured in a quilt she has made, which is why the presentation of the designs look so good. 

Dianthus grew outside my window when I was small, the smell in the morning when the sun hit them was glorious

While loading them on our website I have had my own memories, of my grandparents gardens.  I can also see myself in the lovely garden my own parents have at Strathmore in Tasmania which is hired out for weddings.  Sadly all these wonderful gardening genes have not emerged within me.  I have moments of enthusiasm, but have to acknowledge I have not only not got a green finger, I have “hands of death”.  Nursery plants quake and try to look limp and sick as I wander, looking for fresh victims I promise myself I will keep alive, but past performance tells a completely different story.  Luckily for the Victoria House Needlecraft flora, Craig is not only enthusiastic, he can keep plants alive and healthy.

I will be featuring one of these designs each week in our blog.  The beauty of this range is their flexibility.  By offering the design and construction techniques only, you are free to use fabric and threads you already have in the cupboard that blend with you current decor.  Of course, if you prefer, we can advise on thread choice and offer a range of embroidery fabrics for you to complete your design.  The new dissolveable tracing paper is also available to help ensure accuracy in your rendering of these  designs.

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