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Made in France: Blackwork; Our December Book of the Month

Made in France: Blackwork is truly a beautiful book, I bought it for the shop on the strength of the previous titles in this series Made in France and Made in France: Linen and Thread.  We had to wait a couple of months, I am not disappointed.  If ever there was a book that made needlework sexy, this is it.  This is beautiful.  Clear, crisp images in black and white.  Coco Chanel would swoon!  Where do I start?

Of course there are the homewares projects, embellishment of towels for every room of the house, an apron that is not twee, it is smart and crisp and elegant.  An afghan and a sampler have given me some fantastic ideas for a class next year.  Even your “too cool” teenager will be impressed with the personalisation of the canvas satchel for school stuff or a computer bag.

As for garments and embellishment, I have never been one for embroidered shirts but examples here are stylish.  I really love the flower motif on the pants waist band.   I now understand why it took off in Tudor England after the arrival of Katherine of Aragon.  Made in France: Blackwork also has an incredible reference catalogue of motifs to create interest, variety and shading in your work.

Oh yes, … this is a very sexy book indeed!  It can be yours for $34.95 online or instore now.

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