My Best Mistake

…. was definately being so overwhelmed when I first bought Victoria House Needlecraft with a 5 week old baby that I couldn’t get my head around getting a website together. 

I talked to some people and they quoted a figure that made me need a lie down and a rest.

I attended a talk by Michelle Gamble of Marketing Angels at the Gift Fair last year and was stunned.  Relised my refusal to spend money on a website was really hurting the shop, also realised that the original quote was for a site that would have been a dinosaur in a Social Media revolution.  I used to train people on database management and the Windows Office suite and always prefaced it with “computer years are like dog years” in terms of technology and its advancements.  Since October 2008 this has changed to light years.  The site you see before you is a result of that realisation, the template was put together by Highland Graphics.  But the rest is my work.

Yes, it is taking me a lot longer to load everything, but it is a miniscule fraction of the original quote.  Yes, it is time consuming but I have a site that is easily edited by me and I get exactly what I want that is within my growing photoshop capabilities.  I have manuals and how to guides falling off the study desk, and lug shop things home with me to scan into the system, but this is my second baby and I am pretty damn proud of it and how far I have come since my own personal D-Day on January 1st 2010.

Up until that point the only thing I had done on the web is look up stuff on Explorer, I am in a whole other universe these days and there are only 2 things I know for certain; how much more I have to learn if I want to get better, and that social media and learning a new skill is like exercise.  “Half an hour a day is more effective/better than 8 hours one day a week”  Man I hate those people who say that you need half an hour a day, … I hate them mostly because they are right.

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