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Ok! it is officially a conspiracy

Just when the end was in sight on my Blue Ribbon Designs Red Letter Ornaments and I could see a way clear to start the Blackwork Sampler!  I am never going to start it, let alone finish it.  Wah!

The munchkin started day care 2 days a week this year, (just an aside but currently he is loving it).  Have just ended up with a new project.  He needed a blankie for nap time, he is very definate about whether he needs a sleep or a sit down with a story.  Luckily Mummy has access to some nice  wool blanketing and wool cashmere blanketing.  Yes I know it is lavish with a 3 year old mobile dirt unit, but I am not too bad with the hand washing.  We talked about colours in theory on the way home from day care on Monday last week, and the colours I had in the shop.  He said he wanted “wight bwue” (light blue).  Thought I could get away with the wool but when I brought him in to look at the colours he only wanted “wed” (red).  Not surprised, it is the one I thought he would like, just happens to be the cashmere wool mix.  It is soooo lovely, soft, warm and yet lightweight and folds down very small into his bag.

In this rather coolish summer, he has pulled it out of his “school bag” a couple of times when he has wanted a little rest on the sofa.  I now have a design to come up with.  Including embroidering his name.  I was in such a rush I had to resort to an iron on name tag Friday morning.

Unfortunately the little monkey unravelled and ran around the house with the Perle 5 I had also planned to edge it with.  sigh!  it is utterly beyond salvaging.  Will have to get some more.  Have some ideas for some thread painting of some scenes from his babyhood in miniature around the corners.  Will keep you posted.

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