Jo Sharp P212 Sommerville Cotton Sweater

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Jo Sharp P212 Sommerville Cotton Sweater

Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton

Version 1
Nightsky 207 14 15 16 17

Version 2
Col A Indian Ink 208 6 7 8 8
(substitute with Nightsky)
Col B Clay 206 3 4 4 5
(substitute with Stark or Dew)

Version 3
Monet 209 14 15 16 17
(substitute with Dew)

A loose fitting sweater with an elegantly classic shaped sleeve top and neckline. Version 1 features 3/4 sleeves with rib. Version 3 features full length sleeve. The sleeves are interchangeable. Version 2 is sleeveless. Worked in Jo Sharp’s Desert Garden Aran Cotton, this garment is suitable for comfortable warmth on windy summer or spring days.


Information used with kind permission of Jo Sharp.

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