A Quick Chat GH.06

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A Quick Chat GH.06

Gordon Hanley’s A Quick Chat, is reminiscent of the days before we had phones in our houses let alone our back pocket or handbag.  The phone box was by the corner store and you had to wait your turn.

In 2014 Hanley was awarded the status of “Living Master” by the US Art Renewal Centre (ARC).  The ARC define a living master as “one who has the rare talent, experience and expertise to create great humanistic works of art that are seemingly executed with effortless perfection”

Optional thread packs with DMC Perle Cotton,  DMC Tapestry Wool or DMC Soft Cottons available with this purchase.


Grafitec printed canvas.
Canvas size 60cm x 50cm, design size 50cm x 40cm.
Product image © Dionne White, 2016.

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