Le Jardin de Nan Lian 929.636

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Le Jardin de Nan Lian 929.636

Le Jardin de Nan Lian is a canvas of the Nan Lian Garden located in the heart of Kowloon-Diamond Hill in Hong Kong.  It is a representation of the Tang dynasty with each rock, tree, stone and water element being placed according to specific rules.  The Garden itself is the only Tang landscape garden with its original layout that can be traced today.

CANVAS ONLY-Printed penelope canvas, optional thread packs in DMC Stranded Cotton, DMC Soft Cottons or DMC Tapestry Wool available with this item. You will require a needle and threads to complete this project. Canvas size 60cm x 45cm, design size 50cm x 37cm Product image © Dionne White, 2015.


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