Madame de Pompadour von Boucher WO 739 TT

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Madame de Pompadour von Boucher WO 739 TT

Madame de Pompadour von Boucher does not need translating.  No wonder the Sun King, Louis XIV, was in her thrall and Boucher was commissioned to paint her portrait.  I don’t think any of our other canvases have such a  polished woman, and her gown is sumptuous.  She is from Martin Winkler’s portrait canvas collection and is a fully trammed design and comes with all the wool you need to complete the picture. Her face and hand detail are already completed in petit point.

Winkler design trammed canvas WO 739.
Canvas size 69cm x 90cm, design size 54cm x 72cm.
Product image © Dionne White, 2015.

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