Gumnut Yarns Daisies 1ply wool

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Gumnut Yarns Daisies 1ply wool

The softest wool is hand dyed to create 1ply wool Daisies from Gumnut Yarns.  Daisies 1ply wool comes in 25m skeins and is especially suitable for the finest embroidery.  There are 39 colour families with 5 colours in each ranging from lightest to darkest giving a range of 195 colours.  These are all available in Blossoms, Buds, Poppies and Stars with 180 colours available in Tulips.

Please pay for the required number of threads here and email us with the colour numbers and quantities you require Alternatively, we can assist you over the phone if you prefer.


Coming soon! Each of the Daisies will be listed as a separate product with its own image, making thread selection so much easier

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