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Test driving Jo Sharp New Era Merino dk Superwash.

Actually it is my wonderful Great Aunt Marji who is making this for me.  How could I respond any other way than “YES PLEASE.  This one!” when some wonderful person says “What can I knit for you Dear Heart, because I know just how busy you are?  Have chosen the 037 Striped T Shirt with shaping (that was originally in Knit 2 and is now available as a pamphlet) and substituted the Soho Summer Cotton with the New Era Merino DK Superwash.  They have the same number of stitches per 10cm so it is a relatively straightforward swap.

I did like the look of the mix of Russian from Jo’s Rare Comfort Infusion Kid Mohair and the Orient from New Era Merino dk Superwash but it is knitted on 9mm needles and I don’t like anything thicker than 6.5mm myself so I really couldn’t inflict it on my lovely favourite Great Aunt.

We have in stock all of the new printed patterns from Jo’s new look books Knit 11 and Knit 12.  We won’t be offering them as downloadable patterns, we have offered downloadable patterns in the past but they weren’t at all popular with our customers who informed us in no uncertain terms that while they like the option of printed leaflet patterns from us, they weren’t happy with the downloadable ones.  Go figure.   I won’t be listing the new patterns in the current online store but they will be appearing on the new one under construction.  Please feel free to phone or email us for what you are after.

Kerry has also bought some of the Dali in the New Era and is making a high collar cardigan.  It can get a little chilly in the shop during winter.  Will keep you posted on our thoughts, Kerry has already knitted up the swatch we have in store and was very impressed.  It appears our customers have been impressed.  We have had it in store for less than a month and we are already ordering more.  You can buy it from us here.

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