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Twill Designs and Day 6

Contemporary and stylish portable needlepoint kits, from a new Sydney designer.

Victoria House Needlecraft are pleased to announce we are the first stockists of Twill Designs.  Maria lives in Sydney with her family and is passionate about needlecraft and colour.  She has met a gap in the market with designs that are quick to do for the experienced stitcher and appealing enough for a novice.

I have always loved Audrey

Her use of colour and form is contemporary with a traditional medium.  These are just the thing for a little something to do on a cold evening away to the snow, or a rainy day at the beach.  Transportable and quick to do, they are also a lovely starting point for teaching younger stitchers the fine art of needlepoint and tapestry.  Maria’s lovely Audrey was a big incentive to stock her products.

Looked at the day’s task to read through a list of 27 posts on blogging by other bloggers and thought, I need a drink!  Perhaps that was why I stage dived off the deck at 6.58am morning due to the ice coverage.  Landed with one leg under me and have 2 very nasty bruises with abrasions a step width apart.  I did what every strong woman does in the same situation and burst into tears.  Spent most of the day moving around and avoiding sitting down, in fear of seizing up.  Took delivery this week of some of the new SEG tapestries and will be putting in a new window display of Old Masters reproductions in tapestry tomorrow.  Have really been looking forward to this for a few months.

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