FAQ’s and Issues

Dolls and Bears

Do you have materials for dolls and bearmaking?

We haven’t supplied these items for more than 15 years.

Environmental Policy

Where ever possible and practical we will recycle packaging to reduce our impact on the environment.  This is also sensible as it reduces our costs and yours.


Do you have framing supplies, do you do framing?

No. We suggest you try,

Goulburn Arthead

Liverpool Liverpool Picture Framing

Moss Vale Arthead

Picton Chadwicks Fine Arts

Habedashery and Home Furnishings

Do you have buttons, elastic, tracing paper, zippers, curtain hooks, curtain rods, cushion inserts ….?

We do not supply dressmaking or finished homewares products. We specialise in Knitting and Crochet, Tapestry and Needlepoint, Embroidery and Crewel and Cross stitch, we have all the fabrics, threads, kits, charts, books, accessories and advice needed to create your works of needlecraft art.

It won’t work!!!!!

Why won’t my order progress to payment?  It keeps going back to the top of the page! THE SITE IS BROKEN!

This could be one of 3 things.

1 You may have inadvertently failed to fill out one of the mandatory boxes required for order fulfilment/postage.

Solution; We suggest you start at the top box and tab from one completed box to the next until you get to the end, remember to tick the Terms and Conditions box.

2 You may be in an area with low internet speed or using the net during a period of high demand which will slow down your transaction.  This can be especially pronounced when you are purchasing a product with a large number of variations such as threads.  ie DMC stranded cotton has more than 460 variations.  If transactions between our site and PayPal are not completed within a certain time, your transaction is cancelled as a security measure.

3 You may have a dial up connection.  This will mean that your transaction will not complete in the time allowed to ensure a secure transaction.

Solution; Email us (or phone us if it is urgent) if we haven’t contacted you regarding your incomplete order.  We can send you a PayPal invoice that may be paid by direct debit, credit card or your PayPal account if you have one or you can direct deposit into our Bank Account.  We accept (almost) anything legal.

Links are broken

I clicked on an internet link and the product keeps going back to the HOME page.

The internet is like writing in texta on silk.  Once something is there, it won’t come off.    When a product has been discontinued it is removed from our site and we re-direct the links to the relevant category.  Unfortunately the internet keeps the original links it creates forever, but downgrades them over time.  If you cannot find the product you seek, please email or phone us and we can advise if it is a line deleted by us or the manufacturer has discontinued it.

Minimum order value

Do you have a minimum order value?

No, there is no minimum order quantity or dollar value.  Small orders, able to be posted as a large letter will receive a maximum postage refund of $5.75 meaning the postage charge minimum is $2.50.  (See Shipping)

Patchwork and Quilting

Do you have patchwork fabrics and quilting supplies?

We have 3 fabulous Patchwork and Quilting shops within 15 km of our front door, we leave this area of needlecraft to them.


You only accept payment with PayPal, I don’t have a PayPal account.

Thats OK, our Business PayPal Account allows you to make a credit card or direct debit payment without having to establish a PayPal account.  It also provides security and privacy for your financial details.  If this is unsuitable you can always email or phone us and we can supply you with our banking details for you to make a direct deposit.  We will also accept credit card details over the phone within Australia.


Product Availability

What if my order is not in store?

We make every effort to ensure stock on our site is in the store.  When we are out of stock, we update available quantities which will disallow purchase from Online Shopping when we plan to re-stock an item.  However, with 9 rooms of needlecraft, we sometimes slip up.  If 100% your order is not in store, we will contact you immediately and give you an estimated date/time of arrival and the option of a refund if this is not acceptable.

Why aren’t all your products on your site?

Our current site is now 5 and a half years old (WHERE did all that time go) I am now building a new site that is mobile compliant.  I am building the site myself and there are 9 rooms of needlecraft, I doubt I’ll get it all on here if I live to be 200.  If you are after something in particular that we don’t appear to have, email or phone us.  If we don’t have it in store, we are more than happy to get it for you, or point you in the right direction if we can’t.


Stumpwork Supplies

Do you have Stumpwork supplies?

Jane Nicholas is a Southern Highlands local and has an Order of Australia Medal for services to Embroidery, we carry her most recent books for the convenience of our customers.  She has classes and products for all her projects, please contact her directly.  We do offer a lovely selection of surface Embroidery products.

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