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Victoria House Needlecraft is a site and blog written and edited by me, Dionne White and the odd, guest poster ( … still looking …).  For any queries pertaining to this site and blog, please contact me at

Advertising, Endorsements and Reviews.

Our message is ours alone, I do not have advertising on our site and will attempt to keep it that way through moderation of site comments.  The reviews I give are based on the opinions and experiences of myself, my staff and the feedback we receive on our products from our customers.  Recommendations of sites or blogs are given freely and neither the business nor I, am monetarily rewarded, sponsored or compensated in any way for this.

I do not endorse or recommend any product that I am not prepared to stock in the shop, if a product is unavailable when you express interest, this will be due it being temporarily being out of stock, or a recent deletion of this product from our suppliers range.  I only recommend products I genuinely believe will help readers for the reasons I will state in the review.

Comments Policy

I love comments, I want more.  However, please keep yourself tidy and refrain from anything which may be interpreted as offensive in any way.  I reserve the right to remove inappropriate comments without notice.  All comments are moderated, and with the exception of the above will be posted and responded to.

Victoria House Needlecraft is not a space for “free” advertising.  Comments containing only keywords and a link back to your blog or website will be subject to deletion without notice.


Unless otherwise stated, all written material is owned by me.  Copyright of images not owned by me are used with the kind permission of the designer or manufacturer and have been modified for use by me.  If you would like to use any of my images or text please contact me at

We endorse the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and the recent amendments following the US Free Trade Agreement in 2005.  (Australian Copyright Council: Hobby crafts and copyright G021v10).  We support creative artists copyright and only exchange, refund or replace printed material under the Australian Trade Practices Act guidelines for faulty goods.


We endorse Australian Privacy Laws, any information we receive from you will be used only to provide you with the most beautiful needlecraft we can source.

Site Links

We do not engage in site link exchanges with any organisation or individual.  Site links are given freely to websites and blogs that are relevant to needlecraft if I find them interesting or a useful product or service source that we do not stock.  If someone has linked to us from their site it is either a supplier of needlecraft products that we currently stock or a blog or website that has done so by their own choice.  The exception is Mummysews which is my own (much neglected) personal blog.

Policy valid from July 23rd, 2010.  Updated 3rd June, 2013.

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