When bad things happen to your nice stitching

Heartbreak!   You have invested money on materials, and countless hours of your precious time and your beautiful piece is ruined! 

I once dropped a cup of coffee on Teresa Wentzler’s Noah’s Ark, after swearing, I threw it in cold water immediately.  It was milk coffee and protein in milk will set if heat is applied first.  It worked a treat, but not in the same league as permanent damage ie super glue.  Suggestion here is wait until dry, and prick all the holes with a sharp.  Then roll the fabric diagonally, sideways and up and down between your fingers to make it flexible again.  There is very little you can do with the stain if there is one, and if it is very obvious, stitching over it with an added design may be your only option. 

If however it isn’t your fault and somehow a product changes colour as you put it on, as in the case of one of our customers.  Her cross stitch Lavendar and Lace, Celtic Autumn was nearly finished, imagine her disappointment as she realised the feature beads in the dress and around the border were slowly changing from the pumpkin orange in the packet to a big bird yellow the longer they were attached to the piece.  We have exchanged the beads but the magic of the piece is gone and she just cannot bring herself to take the beads off and replace or even look at it. 

Based on past experience I know if it was me, I would stuff it in the cupboard and not look at it again … ever!  What would you do?

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